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34 Quality Topics for Persuasive Essay – 2021 



Persuasive essay writer play an important role in enhancing a constructive debate in society. Many academic institutions and research organizations encourage people with persuading skills by offering them jobs, rewards, and other privileges.







Even general exams and academic exams assess candidates these days through their persuasive skills. If you are someone who is appearing in an essay exam or other English language test for example IELTS, we have some very important persuasive essay topics that might help you get good grades in your exam if you are confused ask a writer to write my paper. So here we go!



Your essay topics are usually based on some global contemporary or a famous issue. It might be related to global issues like climate change, terrorism, refugee crisis, environmental changes, and developments. 



Please check the following 34 persuasive essay topics for 2021 to have a general idea about what important global, event, or trend your topic might relate with.



1) COVID-19 will end up with a huge number of psychological and social issues?

2) Online classes will have negative impacts on the overall educational progress of the students.

3) Internet-based schools are not efficient in boosting creativity among students

4) People will become lazier after the pandemic is over

5) E-learning is an essential tool for earning in the upcoming years

6) States should pass new laws to save their wild animals

7) Carbon emission should be regulated by international organizations to sustain the global environment?

8) States should make flexible refugee laws to promote human rights

9) Terrorism could be encountered through education

10)Peace processes and dialogs should be carried out to resolve wars across the world

11)Is China becoming a real economic giant?

12)Is Road and Belt initiative a global game-changer?

13)Are nuclear weapons essential to retain global peace?

14)Should governments boost women’s participation in revenue generation through reserving high-level positions?

15)Deforestation is inevitable?

16)Resources are becoming scarce and the only alternative is population control.

17)Is democracy still the best form of government?

18)Athletes and actors are paid more than other professions, is this unfair?

19)Zoos should be closed to ensure animals are healthy and to protect them from human brutality.

20)Should new educational reforms offer free education for all

21)Should plastic bags be banned?

22)Should world economies shift their attention to climate change?

23)Is climate change real?

24)Does artificial intelligence serve humanity? How to ask writer to write my essay on artificial intelligence?

25)Is fashion important?

26)Is it necessary to spend money on space exploration?

27)Is the military might essential for countering non-traditional security threats?

28)Are we becoming dependent on computers?

29)What inventions in the 21st century are going to have great impacts?

30)Is higher education benefiting students to gain essential skills for the generation?

31)People are losing their jobs as technology is advancing.

32)Human immunity is becoming weaker

33)Humans are moving to space?

34)Glaciers are melting and the sea level is increasing.



You will find more specific topics online. If you want further help in writing a persuasive essay if you think writing them is tricky take your help from an essay writing service available online. Check out the feedback and choose the best services.



Well, we found the above general topics most significant for any essay exams you appear in. the other topics might come under these topics or they might revolve around these topics as they are specified.



Look around for the people who have already availed of such services. If you think their experience was good, you are only one 'write paper for me’ message away from your service providers. Hey! Just go for it!



We know there are some excellent paper writing service out there and we want you to take maximum benefit of such services. 



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